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Fireborne is a story about family and the future. Taking place nine years after a bloody revolution that turned society on its head, Fireborne is about the world the ashes left behind. Fireborne is about who is born from the ashes of revolution. In the moments of anger, heat, and pain what will we become and how much of us will remain? Told from dual perspectives, Anne and Lee, Munda asks the characters if we are where we've come from or if we have the ability to transcend our prejudices. There are questions of privilege, merit, and ethics. It is fiercely political, asking questions about propaganda and censorship implicitly. Our characters are all asked whether the world they know is better than before, or just the same system with a different name.

There are so many forces coming against Annie. She lives in this new society where we are supposed to only be judged for our merits, but Annie shows us how we can't change society overnight. The prejudices and discrimination don't just evaporate with new titles. Annie is looked down upon because of her background. Fireborne is as much her story as Lee's as as she struggles to see her own worth, to come to terms with the new government (and her role in it), and to find her own voice.