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Disappointing but decent

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This was one of my most anticipated releases because I love all things fantasy with mythical creatures and as you can tell from the cover, there are dragons in this book. Unfortunately I ultimately did find this book to be relatively lackluster.

My biggest complaint from the beginning was the fact that while I did find the book to be interesting, I never found myself very invested with any of the characters or plot. I honestly could not care less about either characters: Annie or Lee. But out of the two MCs, I did find Lee to be a stronger character than Annie as Annie literally had no emotions and thus, her character POVs were incredibly uninteresting.

Another issue I had with the book was the romance. It was done so awkwardly and it was pretty obvious that Lee and Annie would end up together but their interactions together seemed more like really good friends or even siblings than anything romantic. In fact, I thought the romance made their dynamic seem even more odd and the book to be less intriguing. Personally I think this book would have been better if they were solid friends and found their own romantic partners or if this book just didn't even have any romance.

The most interesting part of the book was actually Lee and his backstory in terms of what he was going to do with his kin who were actually alive and the whole antagonist/obstacle part of this book. I was really curious to find out which path he would choose because that always felt pretty up in the air especially with the flashbacks from his childhood at the orphanage in the aftermath.

Overall, this book was just okay. I'm not sure if I'm invested enough to pick up the sequel which is such a tragic thing because the dragons here were actually pretty cool. Unfortunately the plot and characters just didn't do it for me.