Debut YA fantasy is perfect for Games of Thrones fans!

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In her debut book, Rosaria Munda brings readers into a world of dragons, revolution, and adventure. The first book of The Aurelian Cycle, Fireborne, introduces readers to this fantasy world that fans of Games of Thrones will enjoy!

This was a really interesting YA fantasy! There was political intrigue on top of fantasy world building and dragon riding that kept the action of the plot moving. And a fierce competition between two childhood friends who just need to admit their feelings to one another in my opinion… Can you say drama???

While it took a little bit for me to get into the book, the last few chapters were super engaging and I really liked how the book ended to set up the plot of the second book! I also liked the alternating POVs between Annie and Lee and the flashbacks to their childhoods to help deepen the plot and enhance the intrigue of the characters.

Overall, I think this was a really good debut book and I’m looking forward to reading Flamefall and seeing what Lee and Annie will have to face next. If you’re looking for a fantasy book with dystopian themes then this is the book for you!