Amazing YA fantasy

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What an amazing story! I absolutely loved Fireborne. I loved the characters and the plot. The intertwining of the past and the present was done so brilliantly. I felt so torn with the choices the characters faced. It was so unfair the things that they had experienced at such young ages and their limited choices now under the new regime as well. Yet despite the obstacles and hypocrisy of their world I still felt like it was a story of triumph and enjoyed rooting for both Lee and Annie. The relationship that these two shared, both in the past and future, was very touching. Fireborne also touches on several subjects including class, loyalty, power, politics, and more. There were just so many amazing things about this story that I could go on and on; yet I don't want to give away too much and spoil it. If you love YA fantasy with a dash of romance and dragons then I highly recommend you give Fireborne a try!