Unexpectedly wonderful!

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I don’t think I would have read this if I hadn’t won the raffle, and that would have been my loss. I do not read food memoirs, and I had never heard of the Lost Kitchen, but Erin's story of resilience, struggle, and self-discovery was an unexpectedly wonderful read. for me. Her writing is simple but strong, her honesty is admirable, and her accomplishments are pretty incredible.

There's that - an inspiring coming of age story (and then coming of age again!). But her descriptions of the food she so lovingly gathered and prepared were mouth-watering. I so appreciated that her culinary knowledge was honed as she grew up, and as she taught herself through trial, error, and work. I have missed dining in restaurants of the past year, but never as much as when I read Erin's description of her lovely dining room and the food she serves her guests. I may even enter the reservation raffle when it reopens, and head to Maine if I win a seat at The Lost Kitchen.