The Windy Road to Home

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Going up from rock bottom is difficult but not impossible and this memoir shows that. Erin quite literally had to start her life over from scratch. It was hard reading about everything Erin went through since she was just a child. She was born and immediately became a disappointment just because she was female. She worked hard but never heard a word of appreciation. She struggled as a single parent, then fought through a toxic marriage. She forgot herself and became what others wanted her to be, which led her down a dark path. She lost what was most precious to her and had no choice but to accept the consequences of her actions. However, it was moving and heart-warming to see her turn her life around.

The way this book is written, it is like Erin is sitting right by us telling us her story. The writing was very descriptive, which I have to admit at times made me skim, but I also liked it because it created such a detailed atmosphere. It brought everything to life and placed me right in the scene. The style also made it very easy to read. I’m typically a very slow reader but I averaged a page every 2 minutes. Once I started reading, I just wanted to continue. I also looked forward to picking it up.

The rocky relationships she had with people in her life was compelling and I enjoyed seeing their progression. I also loved to seeing Erin’s development as a cook. I, as someone who loves to cook, found it captivating. Sitting down to read about someone else’s life may not seem interesting, but Erin’s is one you will not forget. It’s one you’ll become invested in.

This was a very topic heavy book, with lots of triggers, but that is something I liked to read about. It’s relatable, emotional and striking. It makes the ending so much more gratifying. This book is one that reminds me of why I love to read. I would highly recommend.