Colorful Title and Decent Read

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Erin French writes quite a memoir. She had a somewhat bumpy childhood, with assorted ups and downs: a freedom filled existence surrounded by animals, nature, and loving grandparents, hard working parents, a somewhat distant relationship with her dad, and an unplanned pregnancy, but she was somehow making it work.

She is a tough woman to go through these troubles. I also felt interested when she fell in love with an older man. I am also that sort of woman to fall in love with older men.
It is sad that her relationship went down hill and soured fast after she adopted a son. She went into drug use which I sort of wish she did not. There are better ways to fight stress, anxiety and the abuse. It is heart breaking when things fell further apart, but I do like how she picked herself up.

I like that she found better people to be with. It is hard to read, but it has a good ending. I am happy for the author.