Beautifully Written Memoir

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I thoroughly enjoyed Finding Freedom. Erin shares her heartache and joy, achievements and struggles, honestly and completely. Her love of food and cooking for others, practically bursts from the page. It's easy to see how the Lost Kitchen became so incredibly popular. Erin pours so much of herself into her creating her dishes, no detail is forgotten. Throughout her memoir, so many of her memories are linked to food and how that food made her feel. The challenges Erin faces from a young age into adulthood are staggering. Her time in a rehab facility is especially upsetting. Her experience highlights how easy it can be to lose control of one's own life and without proper help, never recover. A place that is supposed to aid in her healing and grow, fails on every level. Erin is finally able to find comfort and solace in the support and love from her mother and the mostly female family she has cultivated at The Lost Kitchen.