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An Emotional and Inspiring Memoir

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I have been wanting to read more memoirs and nonfiction lately because I read zero in 2020. I read the sample of Finding Freedom by Erin French and fell in love with her writing style. I entered the raffle and was happy when I won a copy of the ARC. I started to read it the second it arrived in the mail and flew through the 300 paged memoir.

I picked up the memoir expecting a real-life story about a chef and how she created The Lost Kitchen, but it was so much more. It was the story of how Erin French lost everything, even herself to drugs, and persevered through it all.

I adored how Erin wrote about food, the food she ate as a child, and the food she prepared as a chef. Through her writing, it is easy to see and feel her passion for cooking and food. I would not recommend reading this on an empty stomach!

The creation and transformation of her restaurant, The Lost Kitchen, was amazing to read about. It is such an unquie place, where the main staff is mainly women and people have to send in postcards to reserve a table.

I recommend picking up this well-written memoir. It deals with topics like addiction, abuse, and suicide so be warned if you cannot handle reading about those. However, also focuses on making it through the tough times and finding the strength to keep living when things are looking bad.

I always struggle to rate memoirs because this is someone's life and passion that I am putting a star rating on. But the reading experience for me was a 5/5.