Amazing story!

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I finished reading this book last night and let me tell ya, what a story! I’ve been reading so many stories of and written by strong women, and Erin French’s story fits the bill 100%. I love that even through the worst patches of her life she still was able to dig herself out and create what she wanted and dreamed of instead of just letting it all go. It’s very important to me to read these types of stories to remember that not every beautiful life you see is beautiful all the time. Erin’s story reminds me that we all mess up, we all have our dark nights, and we can all fight and claw our way back up and out to create a life that we have dreamed of and love. I also like the idea of coming home; Erins return to Freedom reminds us that it isn’t always bad to go home and there is a certain peace you can find if you put away the past and notions and just let things unfold. Truly an inspiration.