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I swear, I was perpetually hungry during the 6 days it took me to read this book. The author's writing style is so enjoyable and smooth that I could picture the mouth-watering dishes she described. Heck, she even made McDonald's food sound good!

Erin French effectively tells her life's story within the pages of her memoir. From helping her dad with his diner as a child to starting her own restaurant, the reader will be rooting for her with every turn of the page. Growing up in rural Maine, raising a child by herself, marrying a manipulative alcoholic, getting kicked out of rehab, and opening a restaurant from scratch are just a few things French has to share.

As soon as I finished this book, I (and many other readers, I'm sure) found The Lost Kitchen's website, and promptly added it to my travel bucket list. Reservations must be booked months in advance because people from all over the world want to dine at French's table. The fact that French never went to culinary school, but people everywhere crave her cooking, is truly inspiring.

Possible trigger: French describes the butchering process of chickens on a farm. It didn't bother me, despite the fact that I'm a vegetarian. To those meat eaters out there - this is the humane way to raise and butcher chickens - most of the meat you eat has never seen the light of day, just saying....

Sweet, Savory, and Refreshing, this is a delicious culinary memoir you cannot miss.