loved it!

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4.5 stars.
Such a cute romantic comedy/fairytale book. It was everything I was expecting it to be. It had a lot of lovable characters. And I like how you are familiar with some of the fairytale characters but at the same time, the author did her own little take on them. I thought Lucky and Ransom made a cute couple but I am looking forward to reading Gwen's (Lucky's best friend) with Roderick' s (Ransom's best friend) love story. Honestly, I would just love to read a book from all the characters I was introduced too. I also wish Ever After was a real place because I would visit it in a heart beat.
The author did an amazing job with the story, the characters, and just about everything, in my opinion.
I'm looking forward to reading the other books in this series once they come out. I'm looking forward to more books by this author, period. I'm so glad I gotten the chance to read this and I would definitely recommend it to people who enjoys romance and fairytales.