Cute but wanted more

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Ever After, Missouri is a town where fairytales come to life. But the magic is dwindling in the wake of not enough love. In order to save Ever After, Lucky and Ransom must put aside their past grievances to get fake married.

While this was a sweet romance for a good cause, I felt like it was more childish than it really needed to be. This story wants to be a bit raunchy for our protagonists, but it definitely didn't deliver properly. Ransom keeps getting called "The Boy Who Missed" in a very adolescent way. All because of an accident during sex that happened in college. But it follows him everywhere, even years (maybe a decade?) down the line. Plus even describing sexual acts in general came off as adolescent.

And Lucky? She honestly got on my nerves for most of it. I get that she thought she was causing everyone to be unlucky, but the first half of the novel just felt like she was moaning about it too much. We do get an explanation later on, but I wish we'd gotten it sooner so that I could care more about Lucky.

I did enjoy the fairytale creatures and how integrated they are into reality. Explanations for them were not overpowering to the story and all that were are introduced to are lovely characters. And ultimately the fake romance storyline was cute. I just would have liked it to feel more adult in nature.