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Could’ve been more

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I honestly enjoyed this book. The fairy godmothers are hilarious and endearing, the author’s take on the fairytale characters living in Ever After is creative and fun, and the banter is witty and entertaining. However, Fairy Godmothers Inc. is not without its issues.

First of all, the fairy godmothers and other fairytale characters are ten times more interesting than the two main protagonists. My favorite part of the novel was the chapter in which the fairytale characters all get together and start plotting, and the protagonists are nowhere in sight.

Ransom is your basic romance novel hero–flawless and hopelessly in love with the female protagonist. There’s not even a question of “will they or won’t they” as Ransom professes his love in his first point-of-view chapter.

Lucky, on the other hand, is perfectly imperfect. She’s thin, beautiful, has a loyal best friend, is good with children, and has the attention of a billionaire, but she has the exact flaw that every romance genre heroine has–she’s clumsy. Only this time magic is involved, and Lucky’s clumsiness is attributed to her bad luck, a trait that everyone seems to accept.

That’s my other issue with this novel: I can only suspend my disbelief so much. Fairy godmothers, werewolves, and evil queens living secretly in small-town Missouri–I’m all in! But when Ransom almost loses his business because a vindictive internet reporter publishes an article about Ransom’s fiancé having bad luck, I’m not buying it. I can’t believe that a board of directors in an international business would try to out him for marrying someone with “allegedly bad luck.” More likely, they would tell Ransom to sue the reporter for libel.

Overall, this book is a fun little romance story, but it could have been so much more.