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Fairy Godmothers Inc starts of really well with three fairy godmothers, Petunia, Jonquil and Bluebonnet trying to think of ways to bring back the magic in their town of Ever After, Missouri. Petty decided that the best way to do this is to make Ever After THE wedding destination to be. With a little help from their godchildren and a fake wedding. Lucky and Ransom were college sweethearts until their romance took a turn where sexy times became the most embarrassing time in their lives. Unfortunately their godmothers need help and they love them so much and yes they agreed to do the fake wedding for publicity. But Lucky and Ransom thinks that maybe they could have a second chance without anymore unlucky incidents in their way.
Fairy Godmothers Inc starts of really great. It appears to be a delightful romantic comedy with the fairy tale storybook setting but with real life relationship events. I want more of this story ASAP.