The Simplest Truth to Being a Christian

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From the beginning of 2019, and even before, I've been trying to love more. You could almost say its was my resolution, even though I don't really do resolutions. So far everything that has happened to me this year has furthered my desire and better equipped me to do just that.

I found Everybody, Always at B&N, I wanted it as soon as I saw the title and the cover. Once I read the back cover I knew I had to buy it.

It's message is simple, we as Christians need to stop just agreeing with Jesus and start acting as He did. He was love, and amazing things will happen when we start becoming love. It doesn't happen overnight, its something you work at your whole entire life. The stories and lessons in this book are inspiring. Yeah it is a bit repetitive, and that is why I'm giving it 4 starts. But don't let you deter from reading it. At the heart of this book is the question, who should you love and for how long should you love them? The answer is simply Everybody, Always.