Love thy neighbor as thyself...

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This was the first book I picked up by Bob Goff, and it certainly won’t be the last! It was a real page-turner, one where I spent several late nights soaking in Bob’s stories. Not only did I laugh out loud at times, but I also cried through several chapters. His writing style is concise and easy to read, and his stories are genuine and concise. The ways he hears God asking him to choose to love others are inspiring, and definitely opened my eyes and ears as I seek to love others in my daily life. Truly inspiring to see someone willing to drop everything for the sake of love. What if we were all like that? One thing I tried was similar to his story with the bucket. I placed it in an area of my life I was really struggling to be patient with someone, and every day I’d add a slip of paper with the word “patience” written on it. It really made a huge difference as it forced me to slow down and remember my impact, and sat there as a constant reminder. Great stuff, readers will not be disappointed!