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Every once in a while, I’m lucky enough to snag a new book at my local library before everyone lines up waiting for it. Every Last Fear is a book that is going to have a very long waitlist.

I love how the blurb sets you up, knowing this book is riddled with tragedy. It starts horrifically, and it’s incredibly unique in that. We spend our time reading, puzzling out through alternating timelines how we got to this place. It was because of that unique approach I shut off the real world and settled into this thriller that wouldn’t let me put it down.

From the multiple points of view to the alternating timelines, the characters become real. My heart broke for Matt, whose world crumbled around him and gave him little time to grieve. It had me eager to figure out what has really happened to this family that has had too much tragedy in such a short time. It’s a fantastic read. Now we wait to hear when this will become the next blockbuster.