Solid Thriller

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This debut novel by Alex Finlay was a solid thriller novel about NYU student Matt Pine who’s family is found dead in Mexico after an apparent gas leak. This isn’t the first time the Pines have made headlines as Matt’s brother Danny is currently serving life in prison for murdering his girlfriend. When things about his brother’s case and his family’s murder start to connect, Matt must try to uncover the truth of what really happened to his family. Matt is a likable character, the author makes you feel for him and his grief and struggles through the story. I liked the fact that the story changed perspectives every chapter. You keep going back in time and get the POV of Matt’s mom and dad, Evan & Liv, and his sister, Maggie. Then you also get the POV of the FBI agent on the case Agent Sarah Keller. The reveal at the end wasn’t too shocking but I also didn’t see it coming. Overall, it was a solid thriller just nothing mind blowing.