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Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay is a thriller novel. The story in Every Last Fear is one that is told from multiple points of view and also by alternating between timelines with some being told in the past and some being told in the present.

Matt Pine is a college student at NYU when he gets a phone call with horrible news. Matt’s parents and younger brother and sister have all passed away on a trip to Mexico. The Mexican authorities are claiming that it was an accident but no one is certain what happened to them.

Matt’s family were not strangers to being in the headlines with Matt’s older brother currently in prison for murder. The whole family was featured in a documentary about the crime when it happened so news outlets immediately pick up on the news that the Pine family died in Mexico sending Matt back to their small town where his brother is still known as a killer.

Every Last Fear had a lot of story to be told in one book and it was definitely a fast paced read which I enjoy. It was one that was easy to follow even as it switched between the murder in the past and trying to piece together just what had happened to the rest of the Pine family in the present. With plenty of twists and turns this one was hard to put down as I waited to find out how everything would tie together.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.