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It was so incredible! Reading this book made me feel like I had a movie reel inside my head. Each words illustrated and painted a picture in my mind. The suspense, the mystery, the never-ending page turning... Multiple point of view was shown here and each characters developed so well!

Matt Pine, away from home learns that his whole family is dead. However, the Pine family was already subjected to media awhile back when Matt's older brother, Danny, was found guilty of murdering his high school girlfriend. The incorporation of true crime in this novel of Danny's case and showcasing different time lines really grabbed my attention.

What is the truth? Will Matt unravel it all? Will Matt succeed in finding who the killer is and will he be able to set his brother free?

So many questions, and yet, finding the answers were not easy. The ending will make you rethink everything and if you had really thought everything out. Such a great book that keeps you at the edge of your seat!