A little too much

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The story comes out of the gate with lightening speed and managed to hold my interest most of the way. There is quite a bit going on in this story and it jumps around with a ton of point of views. Sometimes less is more and in this case I think it would have helped with my overall enjoyment.

I do love a story centered around family and what they will do for one another and I could see this playing out on the big screen but it was a bit too much for me so that leaves me right around 3.5 stars. My husband read it right after I did and he gives it a solid 4 stars.

There also seem to be harmful stereotypes of Mexicans. Something that I’m a bit surprised got passed off in today’s world as okay. I think most readers will brush it off but it got under my skin a bit.

I think this book will appeal to the masses. I can see it being a hit for thriller and suspense fans this spring.