A Great Thriller Read!

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This was such a great thriller choice. Thriller and Mystery, sometimes horror, are mostly the only genres that I read. The preview of this book is written so great. The cover of the book attracted me to read The about section and I was definitely not let down after previewing the book itself. I also viewed all of the reviews and they are just as pleased with the preview as I am. It is always great to come across a thrilling read that actually keeps the suspense going and makes you want to keep turning every single page. That is what I was doing while previewing this book. I was so disappointed when I reached the end and realized that I was out of words to read. Such a great job with everything- the book itself, the writing, the thrill and suspense, the cover and the way it grabs your attention and makes you want to read what it is about. This is definitely an eye catcher and, most importantly, a page turner.