Space Jammed

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I loved this book! Scott Kelly is an amazing storyteller.

How many of us can say we've been to outerspace? Not many. How many of us can say we spent a YEAR in space? Even fewer.

I loved the style of this memoir. Scott Kelly alternates between his childhood and life leading up to his year in space and the year he actually spent on the International Space Station. The ISS in itself is an amazing creation and I could read about that all day. Kelly makes sure to include some of the political challenges and cultural differences which was very interesting. It was so uplifting to read that science and curiosity can overcome great adversity.

Speaking of adversity, Kelly also overcame so many obstacles throughout his life. The part I loved the most is that a book inspired him to change his life and chase his dreams. He speaks so highly of everyone he met along the way as well.

Although there is a lot of technical discussion and science mentioned in this book, I found it light enough to understand and enjoy. Kelly includes plenty of humor to keep the tone upbeat.