Out of this world memoir!

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Endurance is an absolutely fascinating memoir that will hook you from the beginning. Scott Kelly provides more than just a space memoir, he also interweaves stories from the rest of his life. A charismatic public speaker, this novel includes the same charming stories that the Kelly brothers are known for.

The most engaging part of this book are definitely Kelly's stories from space and he makes it all very approachable for all of us Earth bound readers. He dispels myths and has so many cool anecdotes. Kelly makes space approachable and fun!

This book highlights the way that even people with humble beginnings can make a big impact. It was so amazing to see his journey from a kid with a big dreams to an astronaut who captivated the world.

Read this one if you love narrative non-fiction sprinkled with lots of facts and trivia! You'll definitely want to be able to quickly google space lingo too!