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Eye Opener

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In this memoir, Scott Kelly talks about his life as an astronaut and what it was like being one of the first two people to spend a year in space. The book is an engaging tome Shedding light on the wonders of space and what it takes to endure the challenges therein.
I really enjoyed the first hand look at his life in space and how it affected him emotionally and physically. I had gotten to read the first chapter, and gained great respect for the man. It chronicled the problems he was facing physically after his extended stay at the International Space Station. I was amazed; as someone with chronic illness, I would never wish pain like that on anyone. But Kelly knew what might happen and went any way. He accepted that pain and chose it. I respect that strength and admire his dedication to science. I could have never done it.
The book does look at his history of being an astronaut as well as being a fighter pilot. So you get a real feel for the man. I was disappointed that the physical affects were not really addressed again. But Kelly did explain it would take time to get and understand all the data. And just to read the words he wrote as he overcome the physical and emotional pain from his stay, I was touched and am really grateful that he wrote this book.