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Wow! What a great few pages!

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Where did this book come from? I don't check for a week and this happens. lol Now I know I have to check every day. I am a really big fan of this genre! I've read "Fatherland" twice as well as another with the same "What if" concept. It was about what if France didn't help America and we lost the "Revolutionary War and was still a colony of England In 2017. (it's an old book) Also, I love history. Alternative or otherwise. I was hooked on the first sentence. And I love the cover. It caught my eye to see what it was about. I don't know the author. However, I like to get out of my comfort zone and read new authors I don't usually read. I don't remember much about the history depicted in this novel. However, I'm willing to read it to learn. I hope I'm not too late. Lol.