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Empire of Lies is giving me George Orwell - 1984 vibes and I absolutely love it. 1984 is my favorite book of all time and i never thought id find a book that would touch it. HOWEVER, Mr.Khoury's writing left me wanting more whilst also leaving me with a lot to ponder. I have a feeling this novel will make you stop and analyze your past, present and future actions. I believe I just read the sneak peak to our generations 1984 & I can't wait to devour it entirely.

P.s. can we talk about that cover?!? I love a monochromatic theme with a pop of just one bold color. Something about it is so pleasing to the eye. & the POV angle makes you feel like you're in the story/cover instead of watching it from above. Really like how something so simple can completely change your immersion in the story. Brilliant!