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At first, I was a little worried that it might be one of those books where the author describes a “Muslim invasion of Europe” scenario but when I read the excerpt, it became clear that it wasn’t an orientalist book. The descriptions of the setting, the dialogue, the characters’ descriptions, and the effortless ‘setting up’ of an alternate history drew me in immediately.

It was particularly interesting that the subversives being executed were Algerian given that Algeria had been under both the Ottoman Empire and the French colonial empire. Will this version of the Ottoman Empire become embroiled in its own Algerian War? I also wonder how the general topics of terrorism and violent extremism will be approached since that was touched on in the excerpt and in the book’s description.

On a final note, part of my family is from Turkey/ former countries that were once under ottoman rule so that personal history added to my interest :D

Really want to know more about this alternate world and see how the events play out- Would definitely love to read this book!

Oh yeah almost forgot: the cover is eye-catching.