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A Perfect Blend of Alt Fiction and Thriller

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Cover: It's lovely. I love that it's mostly black and white, but with a few bright red pops of color. It really makes the whole cover standout.

Description: Compelling, but I feel like this novel is going to be a bit of a niche market - not that this is a bad thing. I like the sound so far, and am anxious to see more (always a good sign).

First Look: My guess that Empire of Lies would be a bit niche is correct, but I'm still into it. I do think that fans of alternate history in particular will appreciate this read (I know some people don't like the subgenre though, so to each their own). Personally, I've never seen a novel that combined that element with a heavier thriller tone, so I'm really enjoying things so far.

I love how Empire of Lies doesn't waste any time throwing us into the thick of the plot. It caught my attention right from the start, and thus will make it a hard to put down read (I only did so because I ran out of first look...)