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Dark and one-of-a-kind in the best way possible. I approached it with an open mind, and it turned out to be a good read. We are immediately immersed in the logic of this world, where strangers are scarce and everything else is "elsewhere." Vera lives in a small, isolated town where some mothers vanish into the clouds, leaving their children behind. Vera ponders her fate as she enters adulthood. I was impressed by the author's ability to take on a common topic like motherhood and present it in a fresh way.
The writing was deliberate. Vera, our first-person narrator, will go on a hero's journey as she meets her first stranger, marries, and becomes a mother. the very nature of motherhood, as well as the anxieties and transformations that await.Elsewhere is a beautifully written, rousing, mesmerizing story about small-town tradition, identity, and a lyrical contemplation on motherhood's responsibility and losing oneself to it.