What a book!!!

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I read this book with a notion that it would be too fantastical and predictable. However, this novel proved me wrong! It is a contemporary-women fiction about a strange utopian place meeting the real world. While reading this book, I was thinking of the cult-like or religious-controlled communities where women were second-class citizens but also regarded important or prioritized based on her marital status. I liked the book because it gave high-regards for motherhood. However, the low-point was when the novel didn’t answer some of my questions such as: why the women kept disappearing and why the community didn’t bother to investigate and search the missing mothers—if they regarded mothers as the most important being in their society? As utopian this book could be, it is well-written with easy-flow. The book has some sexual content (not erotic), but it’s not grossly done. A great read!
Thank you @bookishfirst and @celadonbooks for this won novel in exchange for my honest review!