Such A Beauty

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I absolutely love the dichotomy of this book and how the author writes. It gives off a very light and 'cloudy' ( (; ) feel, as if you're reading about a far away land of fairies. Then its juxtaposed with bits of uneasiness such as Vera and Ana poking each other with hairpins and sucking each others blood from each other. As well as the mysterious talk of how the mothers from this place obscurely vanish without a trace because of some fault in their mothering, or so everyone believes.
I was invested in the new stranger in town Ruth that everyone was so enamored with, I felt like I was looking at how a person acts from a very different point of view, very cool. Also sitting at the edge of my seat to uncover the ways of mating & how girls and women are paired in threes, all in this beautiful and arcane place that this book is set in. I highly recommend "Elsewhere" as a sort of etherical, slightly "scary" fairytale.. SO HAPPY I RECIEVED THIS BOOK!..