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I was intrigued to read Elsewhere by Alexis Schaitkin. I loved The Lottery, but I have not totally made up my mind about this story. The premise is interesting. The story takes place in an isolated town where a man takes their goods to sell and brings supplies to the town. In this town, girls grow up, get married, have children and then some moms disappear. It is considered normal. Ruth is a stranger who has arrived. She takes pictures and brings her film into Ruth’s father’s store to be developed. Is Ruth a pseudo mom for Vera?

At times I struggled with the writing and found myself needing to read paragraphs or pages again as my mind would just wonder. For the most part, the book was just to strange for me. I think this would be a better novella or a short story. My thanks to BookishFirst and Celadon for an ARC of this book. The opinions in this review are my own.