Questions and more questions!

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I understand the author is trying to make a point about how women become overlooked after giving birth. How the child takes over their lives. But I have so many more questions than answers were given. I did not recognize any of the settings and I think I should have. The traditions set by the town are symbolic for never allowing change and valuing women as mothers and not for other roles. These are all my feelings about what the book meant but I could be totally wrong since very few questions were answered. I feel like the author was trying to say something important but couldn’t get her message out clearly.
This would be a great book for a book club. But I am not sure people would find satisfaction in reading it. The story moved slowly. The characters were so-so. It did not draw me in. I empathize with Vera but I felt there could possibly have been other options for her. But then again maybe there were no other options?
Just not my cup of tea.