Imaginative and haunting

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Elsewhere: A Novel by Alexis Schaitkin is an eerie and haunting rumination on the trials and tribulations of motherhood and comin of age. It explores the journey of Vera, whose own mother disappeared like many others out of the blue when she was just a child. Vera is haunted by her kother's disappearance, and the common phenomenon is a cloud that hangs over all of the young women in her village- because they don't know when, if, or how they will be chosen when they themselves become mothers.
Schaitkin does an incredible job of building up the mystery and eeriness of the world Vera lives in. The characters went through highs and lows, and I related to the characters so well that I really felt their happiness and their pain. It was a great read, and one I would recommend to anyone looking for a book they will continue thinking about long after they've finished it.