Hard hitting, unnervingly impactful

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Alexis Schaitkin is exactly the kind of writer that can intimidate me, but whom I can fully get behind. She began where the best literary fiction writers should always begin: with the short story. It takes a heck of a lot of time and practice for your short fiction to be included in the Best American anthologies. I should know, because I'm working towards that. I haven't found any of her work across the internet yet, but from her first book it was clear that she's one of these authors that are getting rarer to see in mass-entertainment marks. (The thing about Saint X though was that there's this college in my city, Xavier, which is actually referred to as Saint X. So it's like "oh, you go to Saint X? oh, I'm reading Saint X!" but anyway) Schaitkin is talented in her style of writing. Each line kind of nips you like a bird with a beak sharp enough to bite. I think the word "provocative" describes this story perfectly. Elsewhere was like an updated, slightly skewed version of the Handmaid's tale. I was unsettled, but in the good, powerful kind of way.