A great journey

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I like to start with saying that i like the cover, it gives off a mysterious vibe. The book was well written, it was easy to follow. It leaves you with questions from the very start of the book. The mothers go and never come back, we read about Vera, starting as a child, then when she grows up and becomes a mother and leaves too. Things start to reveal and the ending I did not expect it. It was a great book, a bit short. I like when she said, when a woman became a mother, she revealed herself. Another line from the book that stayed with me, She couldn't comprehend that a mothers going to belonged to all of us, that a loss was the smallest part of it, because in losing her, we received everything else. I have not read a book like this one, there are a lot of books out about motherhood but this one is different. I could not guess what would happen next in the book, you need to read and let it take you on a journey.