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Extremely Interesting!

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As someone who has read- or at least started- many self-help books, I must say that this is one that I want to finish. I found it very intriguing that the author mentions says that too much information can actually be detrimental to/contribute to less awareness. The quotes are an integral part of the book and are interspersed meaningfully. However, this quote about information is so relevant to society today. Everyone seems to have a mobile phone, and those phones are constantly alerting owners to breaking news. This computer technology has not made life less stressful nor has it made jobs or careers less stressful. As a reader progresses through the pages of this book, he or she can't help but question: what about all of MY unfulfilled life goals? I like the fact that the author admits that he went through this process himself and really had to do some soul searching. The titles of future chapters, which i have not yet read, sound interesting and very worthwhile!