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For me, Elevate started off similarly to The Celestine Prophecy, in that it had insights, and its goal is that of CBT, to change the way we think and process our environment. He also talks about the energy that is exchanged when we are dealing with others, another predominant aspect of Redfield's book. But that is where the similarities ended, as Elevate is not a work of fiction, rather a guide for personal growth.
He presents the reader with various insights for awareness in ourselves and our relationships in the first part of the book. In the second part of the book, we are presented with Action, reflecting on the insights with ways to go out and apply our new-found knowledge to what we are striving to change and achieve. Deitch pulls in dozens of quotes from authors, philosophers, and the like, tying them into the material he is presenting. He also weaves in examples from her personal life to give the reader context and application.
Deep down, we want for more out of our lives. By understanding ourselves and how we react to word, situations, and exchanges, we are better able to process what is happening, and get more out of life. The reader may stumble upon concepts that they may have heard of, but Deitch gives the reader more, by explaining how to deal with these concepts and how to apply them to your life. With topics ranging from introspection, love, work, and interpersonal relationships, Elevate is a great read with a very practical application for our lives.