Good. Not great.

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So, I've never actually had one of these books that teach kids how to draw before. I always wanted one as a kid, but never ended up getting one.

This one is okay, although it doesn't really have that many illustrations that interest me personally. I can't really see too many kids liking the pictures either. They seem a little too "old lady" style for a kid to enjoy. It's a book I could easily see a Grandma giving her grandchild and the kid going... "Thanks..." before setting it down a few seconds later, never to pick it up again. But that's just my opinion.

My main problem with the book is that in the instructions, it lists a bunch of tools you'll need to fully be able to use the book for its intended purposes. Things that I don't readily have on hand like tracing paper, water color paints in very specific colors, a blending pen, etc. I wouldn't even know where to buy half these things. For the price of this book, $20, the very least they could have done would be to include a few pieces of tracing paper in the back of the book. Heck, they also could have attached a cheap water color paint set on the front with a few basic colors just so that a kid using this book would actually be able to use this book.

I haven't attempted to make a drawing yet, but it seems kind of hard. For the most part, there are 4-6 steps to take your picture from basic to very detailed and there didn't really seem to be enough instruction from how to get from point A to point C.

If you're looking for a book to give a kid to teach them how to draw and they're a beginner, maybe find a simpler book with how to draw cartoon characters or something less detailed and intimidating. For the price point, I think this could have been way nicer, and to be honest, I think you could easily find a better alternative for cheaper.