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We killed all the dragons, didn't we?

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It is something when your world is totally upended. Once upon a time, which is how all good fairy tales start, there were dragons. People had magic. With such things, power bred contempt for those without it. Contempt bred abusive behavior. Those abused rose up and destroyed their abusers and outlawed the source of their power. All of that is in the past. The dragons were all destroyed and nobody used magic.
When history descends into myth and fairy tales, people have the opportunity to revisit mistakes. One man, the Prince Bishop, thinks magic will help his country gain in prominence in his world. It might, but most of the old knowledge was destroyed or hidden. In looking for that knowledge, he awakens a dragon. The dragon does what dragons do. It killed, laid waste to villages and farms and generally caused havoc. The King charges the Prince Bishop with removing the dragon.
So we have a quest story. A disgraced nobleman, Guillot, and an untrained magic wielder, Solene, are drafted to hunt down and dispatch the dragon. There is bad blood between Guillot and the Prince Bishop, so nobody really trusts the other. Solene has hidden her magic all her life, because it could get her killed, so she is scared of showing what she can do in public. Somehow, they must work together, surrounded by spies and servants of the Prince Bishop.
This story is the first in another trilogy, so we know, while the dragon may be defeated, trouble with magic is only starting. I enjoyed the characters and their development, growth if you will. I look forward to the next installment of the story of Guillot and Solene.
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