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Slow strong...sad but strong end.

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Dragonslayer felt like my a throw back to Dan Simmons Hyperion days never knowing who I should truly root for. The dragon or the dragonslayer. From the first few paragraphs I was drawn into the story about dragon waking up after thousands of years asleep into a world so famaliar but tragically different. I identified with Alpheratz immediately, even before he was fully awake hoping that he would destroy all the humans who dared to enter and distrube his home. Even through his revenge fueled, guilt filled killing sprees. Right up and to the tragic end that I prayed wasn't true I loved the Alpheratz. I struggled to like any of the humans including the main character Gill, the shameful, drunken nobleman. The one thing about Gill though is he is real. Not some cookie cutter white knight. The fight is on and only one can survive.