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Perfect Start to a Trilogy

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I'm so exited to have really good new fantasy, especially fantasy that is as fun to read as Dragonslayer. This is not the first trilogy set in Duncan Hamilton's world, but it was my first experience with the lands around the middle sea. I now definitely want to read Hamilton's other work to get a larger sense of the world building he has done. As for Dragonslayer, Hamilton does a beautiful job of telling a story that feels like classic fantasy but does not feel clunky or weighed down by the medieval setting or language that sometimes traps the genre.
On some level the story is quite simple, a disgraced former knight is drinking his way into oblivion in his backwoods village but is pressed into service when a dragon begins terrorizing the countryside. Beyond this though, there is political intrigue and backstabbing in the kingdom's capital that will likely become more relevant in the next two books.
I highly enjoyed this read and cannot wait to pick up the series soon with the next two books in the near future.