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Looking forward to Book II

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Admittedly I went into this book with fairly low expectations because although I love fantasy, I don't read a lot of epic fantasy and I wasn't sure from the first couple chapters if it was going to hold my interest. Luckily this far exceeded those expectations. I found Gill and Solene likable and relatable, and I actually enjoyed the fact that Gill is not the perfect hero which all to often seems to dominate fantasy. He has his faults, but they don't keep him from being a hero.

I appreciated the tidbits from Alpheratz's point of view, and the fact that he struggled with revenge and violence and had motivation for both. He wasn't just a killing machine.

I do wish there was a bit more world building, as I would like to understand the world Hamilton's created (and the political intrigue) a bit better. That being said, I'm very much looking forward to the next book in this series and, in the meantime, I think I'll pick up one of Hamilton's earlier books.

I received an ARC of this book from BookishFirst in exchange for an honest review.