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'Dragonslayer'? May need a new title

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I was really excited to be given a copy of this book. It gave me Dragonheart vibes hardcore. While I think the plot is strong in the movie, the script not so much, I had hoped that this book would bring it all full circle and give me something along the lines what I wanted.

I honestly would have preferred a rip-off Dragonheart. :(

The problem with this book is that the author is a great writer, structure and sentence wise but on plot and character it's too tame and weak. There is no 'turmoil' there is no 'conflict', you have characters that are bad and or evil, but they aren't ruthless enough for me to care of feel like the main characters have any sort of stake.

Then, the characters seem to be distant from one another. Like, sure, they may be in the same scenes as each other (I think there are technically three main characters), but you're watching a very foggy relationship with people that are just too flat on the page.

The dragon sequence scenes were boring in itself, the dragon interacted with no-one nor did we learn/care about the dragon even at the end.

So? The flaws of this book is that you have an interesting story but the characters and exposition lack to back it up. The 'dragon' is a bore and the slaying is lukewarm.

I wish I could rate this book higher but I honestly can't. :(