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Classic Knights Tale

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This was a medieval fantasy, set in its own world, that I didn’t get too many details from if it weren’t for the map at the front of the book. But those details didn’t seem pertinent so it didn’t bother me until I was retelling to a friend.
It’s been while since I’ve read a dragon narrator so this was a welcome addition.
I really enjoyed the plot and went in knowing this was the debut of a new trilogy, so I have high expectations of what is to follow.
It was a little but if a slow build but the characters and plot was introduced really well and built the anticipation for what was to come.

The writing style was easy to digest and not too wordy or hard to pronounce. I believe the world was quite European based so the names of people and places were not difficult to pronounce.

I’m not sure if this works was entirely new or if the authors other work are set in the same place, I would be interested to find out.

One of the main characters, Gill, struggled with alcohol addiction, but it never felt like a touchy topic to me and more like you expect to see in characters like pirates, retired knights and cowboys- coming with the territory.

I enjoyed this book and the plot- it didn’t blow me away but was a solid fantasy novel to get into!