An Epic and Entertaining Read

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Dragonslayer is one of those rare fantasy books that makes readers feel as though they have been wandering its world long before the first words were ever penned. Hamilton has succeeded in creating a world with a rich history that has produced untold consequences for Guillot, a disgraced knight of the Silver Circle. The legacy of his ancestors demands that he uphold their heroism and morality, but Gill has fallen short of the mark. When a dragon, the first seen in countless years, begins terrorizing his community and surrounding lands, he must prove to all that he can rise to the occasion and defend all those in danger. But there is a far more sinister plot lurking beneath the surface, and Gill will need all his wits and friends to help him uncover it. Full of magic, intrigue, and fantastic beasts, readers will be eager for the next chapter in Guillot's tragedies and triumphs.