A purely fun fantasy adventure

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If you're looking for a book that's just plain fun, then Dragonslayer is definitely right for you! Gill is the fantasy embodiment of dad bod Spiderman from "Into the Spiderverse" - he's been out of the game for a while after life struck him with personal tragedy and professional disgrace, but a newly awoken dragon isn't waiting around for him to get back in shape. The Prince Bishop, his formal rival, isn't exactly keen that Gill, the last surviving member of a once-legendary brotherhood of dragonslayers, is quite possibly Mirabaya's best chance at surviving the beast's inferno. The mutual disdain between the duo leads to many moments of dry wit and a pervasive undercurrent of humor. For his part, Gill devotes a highly entertaining amount of thought to spending as much of the Prince Bishop's money as possible. If he's going to be called back into action and possibly flambéed, he's going to eat a lot of good food and stay in some swanky inns before that happens. Add in Solène, whose possesses a potent amount of untested, untrained magic, and things are poised to either vault to a higher level of possibilities, or simply unleash chaos. Dragonslayer also adds in a unique twist I haven't seen before - a few chapters are delivered from the point of view of the dragon itself. We are led to develop a touch of sympathy for the beast, woken after many years asleep to find everything he's ever known destroyed by mankind. However, it's not so much sympathy that we don't still side with Gill on his quest to stop the dragon's unchecked revenge against innocents. Dragonslayer is in a good position to appeal to a wide age range of readers. It's an adult fantasy, but it would certainly be suitable for an advanced younger reader, as it does not contain mature content in terms of sex, gore or excessive language. Plus, if you like to read series book in quick succession, all three of the trilogy are poised to publish within twelve months!