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A little disappointing...

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So this was one a little disappointing. I was really looking forward to reading this book, the cover is great, the synopsis sounded wonderful, and dragons, duh. But, as I was reading I kept wondering when I'd really start to get into the story. The answer to that was, well, I never did. The characters weren't that compelling and I didn't ever find myself honestly rooting for or caring for them all that much. The main character was a standard has-been who is now a drunk but wants to be totally redeemed by the end of the book. Ok, we've all heard that one quite a few times already. The story itself was fairly predictable as well which is fine if the characters stand out, I need at least one of those to really blow me away. I did like that we got to see the dragon's point of view which was pretty interesting but overall I just wasn't entranced by this book.